We believe access to safe drinking-water is a basic human right. In the previous year, A Drop of Life devoted time and resources to address water scarcity in different countries and transform societies for the better.

Have a glimpse of our work.

Water Projects are the core of our work.

When there is water, there is hope.

We have worked tirelessly to secure clean water for more people beyond the border. Apart from building water facilities in China, we also expanded our work to Nepal and Cambodia.

Water Projects

3,409 Water cellars
15 Water purifying systems in schools
5 Water dams
8 Water wells and pumps
1 Biosand filter in a local school

In August 2015, our staff conducted site visits in rural Cambodia and set up effective and sustainable water projects.

We formed partnerships with local water charities to set up effective and sustainable water projects as below:

Water Well and Pump

Experts will teach villagers the techniques of digging a well. The hand-pumped water wells will then be drilled to a depth of 20-25 meters and installed by trained villagers in order to obtain clean groundwater.

  1. Pump tap
  2. Cement platform
  3. Water pipe
  4. Ground
  5. Cement

  1. Tube in earth
  2. Water filter to separate earth from water pipe
  3. Rocks to block the end of pipe

Biosand Filter

The Biosand Filter is an innovation on traditional slow sand filters. It uses layers of sand and microbacterial films to filter out 99% of bacteria and contaminants in dirty water to make it suitable for drinking. It is a simple, low-cost solution that cleans water quickly.

  1. Dirty water
  2. Biological layer
  3. Fine sand

  1. Coarse sand
  2. Gravel
  3. Clean water

We also worked to make clean water accessible in Nepal.

These are our water facilities:

Gravity Flow Water Supply System

Water flows under gravity to deliver water from sources uphill to households downhill through water pipes, tanks and taps.

School Water Purification System

Urban drinking water sources in Nepal are heavily contaminated by industrial and domestic wastes. It is estimated that 44,000 children die from water-related diseases every year. We work to bring purified water to students.

We also care for children.

In 2016, we continued to implement various children development projects to bring health, happiness and hope to children in different places.

Development Project

13 Heart surgeries for children with
heart diseases sponsored
451 Nutritious meals to children provided

Earthquake-damaged school rebuilt
(8 classrooms in total)

In Hong Kong, A Drop of Life served the disadvantaged with love.

Together with volunteers, we sent goodie bags and blessings to the underprivileged during traditional Chinese festivals. We also did make-ups for our lovely elderly people, who were overjoyed to see their pretty face.

Local Services

7,182 Goodie bags
distributed to disadvantaged groups

Without your participation,
our fundraising work would not have been successful.

With all the amazing support from the community, "Race for Water" and "Walk for Water"
solicited a record-setting HK$5.3 million in support of our regular services and water projects!

Of course, there is a group of supporters who are proud to have met their own personal challenge while fundraising in a unique way.

Last year, we set off charity tours in Nepal, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand and China. Unforgettable are the picturesque sceneries along the way, as well as the remarkable team work and persistence our participants demonstrated.

This year, A Drop of Life gathered more and more corporate support,
driving a society-wide force to address water crisis in different places.

Financial Highlights

HK$,000 Percentage%
One-off & Monthly Donation 13,481 65.2%
Walkathons & Bike Tours 6,145 29.8%
Gift-sales & Other Fundraising Activities 1,023 5.0%
Total 20,649 100%
HK$,000 Percentage%
Charitable Project Expenditure 14,793 65.7%
Fundraising Activity Expenditure 6,357 28.2%
Administration Expenditure 1,362 6.1%
Total 22,512 100%

2017 Fundraising Events

In 2017, A Drop of Life is looking forward to embarking on challenging expeditions with you to fundraise for people in need!

(Please refer to our Annual Report full version for more details.)


Race for Water

Voluntary Teaching in Nepal

Walk for Water

Charity Walkathon in Mount Fuji, Japan

Charity Walkathon in Myanmar

The above is only a snapshot of the work we have done.
Read the full report to learn more.