Annual Report Highlight

Ensuring access to the most basic life necessities by those in need has always been the mission of A Drop of Life.

This year, we continue to focus on developing various clean water projects, and put efforts in bettering children’s life through providing meals and education, creating a life-long impact to beneficiaries on different aspects.

Water Projects

Because of your endless support, not only did we scale up the existing projects, but also expanded our footprint to Myanmar, making clean water more accessible to people in need.

Mainland China 647 projects
13,457 beneficiaries
Cambodia 2,435 projects
35,424 beneficiaries
Nepal 16 project
1,074,600 beneficiaries
Myanmar 1 project
350 beneficiaries

Children Development Projects

Through the School Rebuilding Projects and Nutritious Meal Plan, we strive to provide better education and nutrients to the children.

Nepal 3 schools rebuilt
Myanmar 1 school rebuilt
Cambodia 1,423 nutritious meals distributed to hospitalized kids

Local Community Services

During Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, we organized the goodie bag distribution activity. Different sectors of the society can come together and visit the disadvantaged with bountiful goodie bags to pass on love and care.

8,182 goodies bag
distributed to the disadvantaged in Hong Kong

Fundraising Activities

Race for Water HK$ 3.32Mraised
Walk & Run for Water HK$ 2.22M raised
Flag Day HK$ 800K raised

Thank you for your enthusiastic support and participation,
enabling us to make steady progress in our charity projects.

Charity Walkathon

Charity Walkathon in Myanmar
Donation allocated for the School Rebuild Project of Shaewgyi Village School

Charity Walkathon in Norway
Donation allocated for implementation of 6 WASH Programmes in Cambodia

Charity Walkathon in Kazakhstan
Donaion allocated for 5 Hospital Water Purifying Systems in Nepal & Installation of latrines at a Kazakhstan school

Financial Highlights

HK$,000 Percentage%
One-off & Monthly Donation 9,510 48.5
Walkathons & Bike Tours 7,892 40.3%
Gift-sales & Other Fundraising Activities 297 1.5%
Rental Income 915 4.7%
Other Income 988 5.0%
Total 19,604 100%
HK$,000 Percentage%
Charitable Project Expenditure 8,164 53.5%
Walkathon and Biking Expenditure 2,709 17.7%
Other Fundraising Activity Expe 3,260 21.3%
Public Education Expenditure 30 0.2%
Administration Expenditure 1,110 7.3%
Total 15,273 100%

2019 Prospects

Passing on the hopes of water to Africa
We will implement water projects and nutritious meal plans in Ethiopia in the coming year.

Enhancement on fundraising efficiency
In order to utilize donations received, besides minimizing administration cost, we will use rental income and donations from private donors to cover necessary operation expenses –the amount public donations allocated to each charity projects can hence be maximized.


Thank you for being with us in the last 20 years.

To explore more of our work,
please read the full report.