Ensuring access to the most basic life necessities by those in need has always been a mission of A Drop of Life.
In 2017, because of your endless support, we have successfully made clean drinking water more accessible - from homes to schools, to those in need.

Water Projects

While pleased to make steady strides in Mainland China, Cambodia and Nepal, we look forward to receiving your support to better and brighten the lives of more people in the future.

Mainland China 1,063Water cellars
4Water dams
15Water purification systems in schools
Cambodia 810Water wells and pumps
900Bio-sand filters for households
20Large bio-sand filters in local schools
Nepal 1Gravity flow water supply system
7Water purification systems in schools

Children Development Projects

We care for and take care of children. We put efforts in this regard by providing meals and education, thus helping them to open a bright new chapter.

Nepal 2Schools Rebuilt
including a two-storey school building
Cambodia 3,600Nutritious meals for sick childre

Local Services

To bring hope and care to the needy during festive occasions, we visited the disadvantaged in Hong Kong with many corporates and individual volunteers to spread and pass on our love.

7,083goodie bags distributed to disadvantaged groups in Hong Kong.

Fundraising Activities

Thank you for everyone’s enthusiastic support and participation, enabling us to make steady progress in our charity projects.

Race For Water RaisedHK$4.2million
Walk For Water RaisedHK$2.3million

Charity Walkathon

This year, our Charity Walkathon assembled two trips in Mount Fuji, Japan and Cambodia.Completing the journeys with joys and sorrows, a total of HK$460,000 was raised for the construction of water facilities in Cambodia.

Corporate Support

We are honored to gather more corporate support, helping us to bring clean water to more places.

Financial Highlights

HK$,000 Percentage%

One-off & Monthly Donation
13,674 63.6%

Walkathons & Bike Tours
7,478 34.8%

Gift-sales & Other Fundraising Activities
336 1.6%
Total 21,488 100%
HK$,000 Percentage%
Charitable Project Expenditure 9,200 54.5%
Fundraising Activity Expenditure 5,847 34.6%
Public Education Expenditure 680 4.0%
Administration Expenditure 1,163 6.9%
Total 16,890 100%

2018 Fundraising Plan

We are looking forward to seeing you all in the future unique fundraising activities.

Race For Water

Walk & Run For Water

Charity Walkathon in Norway

September – October
Charity Walkathon in Kazakhstan

Voluntary Teaching in Cambodia

We hope to share more happiness and memories with you. To explore more of our work, please read the full report.